Best Wrestlers in the USA are Bred in Our State

Florida training

There are a variety of top wresting programs in the United States. Many of them come from the MidWest like the powerhouse program from the University of Iowa.  They have an incredibly acclaimed program with over twenty-three intercollegiate titles, which is quite a feat. Programs like these tend to spend over a million dollars a year on the growth of their programs. Other top programs come from the areas of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They have esteemed programs, and lets face it, there isn’t much to do in those states, so it’s not a surprise that their wrestlers are doing well in their competitions. Our state of Florida has gained in popularity to a large degree as of late. In fact, many now feel that we breed the best wrestlers in America. Our climate is conducive to losing the weight and keeping it off. There aren’t any of those bitter cold days where it’s seemingly impossible to get warm fast and compete. Our workout programs are outstanding and are led by some of the best coaches. We start our aspiring wrestlers out with custom programs as early as age 10 with vigorous workouts that are very safe. These programs would include body weight conditioning with push-up, pull-ups, jumping jacks and other exercises.

As they age and move further into the program, we begin a weight training regimen that will include strengthening the arms, back and legs. Complex, multiple muscle group exercises ensure that bodies are being developed most efficiently.  It’s at this point that our wrestlers begin to get strong very quickly. They are nurtured into skilled machines with the mental and physical stamina needed to bring in a victory at any meet. Next, as our wresters get well into their teens, we begin programs with lower reps and maxes to make tremendous gains in strength. There is no greater feeling that having your power dramatically rise as a competitor. When you combine those gains with tactical knowledge on how to compete, you have a winner. Our program can make you the best-of-the-best, but it won’t be easy.  It will require discipline, stamina and endurance.